Once traveling to a small African village, people there named me Mariama. Someone said Mariamas love to cook. One of my namesakes appeared to be a young woman who is cooking for hundreds of fishermen in the village.

Lunch at Mariama’s costs less than $1 and is ready every day at 2 pm. Mariama’s kitchen hut is most of the time overloaded with huge pots, boiling on hot charcoal and several small fires on the soil floor.

There’s no running water, no equipment, no wi-fi and no fridge under Mariama’s roof. But I guess there’s no need to mention, Mariama’s simple dishes are indescribably tastier than the $50 dinner from the well-visited touristy restaurant nearby.

magic kitchen

So I’ve proudly kept my name. In admiration of Mariama’s adorable little kitchen hut, feeding the whole village of fishermen, and all the extraordinary women and girls I’ve met, who cook like top Michelin chefs in the most primitive conditions.

incurable food gatherer

I’m a food nutter (with over thirty years spent in the kitchen), a garden lover and an incurable travel addict. In love with nature and wilderness, I indulge in foraging and enjoy cooking simple, easy and affordable dishes made from recipes from all over the globe.

This blog is dedicated to all the unseen frugal cooks of the world. The ones who spend a prevailing portion of their lives in their kitchens, feeding whole generations with selfless love and devotion fused into their dishes.

So many times, they cheer up our lives, and their food, made with love and dedication, always warms our hearts, even in the darkest hours.

Food is symbolic of love when words are inadequate.

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