Hi there! Are you ready to demystify the 325°F to Celsius conversion? Let’s make this quick and easy so you can get back to the real world.

How can you figure this out instantly? What temperature is 325°F in Celsius?

325° Fahrenheit equals 162, 778° Celsius.

How to convert 325 °Fahrenheit to °Celsius

Need to convert 325°F to Celsius for your recipe? Here’s the equation that’ll save the day:

°C = (°F -32) x 5/9


°C = (°F -32) ÷ 1.8

Here’s how you can tackle the calculation:

1. Let’s kick off with the formula:

°C = (°F -32) x 5/9

Now, follow these steps:

2. Deduct 32 from the Fahrenheit value:


3. Multiply the outcome by 5:

293 x 5 = 1465°C

4. Finally, divide by 9:

1465 ÷ 9 = 162.78°C

°F to °C printable conversion chart

A printable Fahrenheit to Celsius chart in the kitchen is a must-have. It will save you time and prevent the hassle of mental calculations or online searches. Keep one nearby to ensure your conversions are always correct.

Image of a printable pdf Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion chart with values in F, C and oven gas mark and oven temperature description.

Quick conversion tips

Another simple way to convert 325 F to C is by using the second formula:

325°F – 32 = 293

293 ÷ 1.8 = 162,78°C

And you’re done!

If you can’t be bothered to do it yourself, use a converter:

Temperature Conversion

Are you after more info? We’ve got the details you need! In a practical guide, we’ve explored both temperature measuring scales, helping you convert Fahrenheit into Celsius. We’ve covered the reverse conversion, adjusting temperatures for conventional and fan ovens, and understanding gas mark equivalents. There’s a short video with an easy explanation. Joyful cooking!

325 °F to °C FAQs

Is 325 °F (162,78°C) high heat?

The temperature of 325°F is at the higher end of what is classified as a “slow oven.” A slow oven generally ranges from about 200°F to 325°F, making it perfect for extended, gentle cooking processes such as slow-roasting a tender lamb or baking a rich, dense cake. Although 325°F is on the warmer side of slow, it is still gentle enough to guarantee that your dishes cook evenly and retain moisture.

325 °F (162,78°C) considered slow cooking?

Yes, 325°F can be considered slow cooking, though it’s on the higher end of that range. Slow cooking typically refers to temperatures between 200°F and 325°F, ideal for tenderizing meats and melding flavors over a longer period. So, at 325°F, you’re still within that slow-cooking zone, just a tad warmer for quicker results while keeping things tender and juicy.

What is 325 °F (162,78°C) in a fan oven?

If you use a fan oven, you’ll want to lower the temperature by about 20°C (or 36°F). So, for a recipe calling for 325°F (or roughly 163°C) in a conventional oven, set your fan oven to around 300°F (or 145°C).

Is 325 °F (162,78°C) oven hot enough to cook a turkey?

Cooking a turkey at 325°F (163°C) is spot on. It’s a gentle enough heat to ensure your turkey cooks evenly and stays juicy without the risk of drying out. Cranking the oven up to 450°F might speed things up, but you’d be gambling with overcooking; at 325°F, you’re in for a tender, perfectly roasted turkey.

How fast does meat cook at 325°F (162,78°C)?

Cooking meat at 325°F is slower. For a roast, you’re looking at roughly 20 to 25 minutes per pound, which lets the meat cook evenly and stay juicy. Compared to higher temperatures like 400°F, where it cooks much faster and is more crispy, at 325°F, it will cook slowly and tenderly.

How long does it take for an oven to heat up at 325°F (162,78°C)?

Heating your oven to 325°F usually takes about 10 to 15 minutes, depending on your oven’s efficiency. Compared to cranking it up to 450°F/232°C, which might take closer to 20 minutes, it’s a bit quicker but will still need time to warm up.

How long does it take to cook a ribeye at 325°F (162,78°C)?

Cooking a ribeye at 325°F will take about 20 to 25 minutes per pound for a nice medium-rare finish. This allows the steak to cook slowly and evenly, while at 450°F/232°C it would be considered as a high blast.

How to roast meat and poultry at 325°F (162,78°C)?

Cook it slow and steady, about 20-25 minutes per pound for meats and a bit longer for a whole turkey, making sure to baste occasionally to keep things juicy and tender.

275 °F to °C in decimal values

325.0°F | 162.778°C
325.01°F | 162.783°C
325.02°F | 162.789°C
325.03°F | 162.794°C
325.04°F | 162.800°C
325.05°F | 162.806°C
325.06°F | 162.811°C
325.07°F | 162.817°C
325.08°F | 162.822°C
325.09°F | 162.828°C
325.10°F | 162.833°C
325.11°F | 162.839°C
325.12°F | 162.844°C
325.13°F | 162.850°C
325.14°F | 162.856°C
325.15°F | 162.861°C
325.16°F | 162.867°C
325.17°F | 162.872°C
325.18°F | 162.878°C
325.19°F | 162.883°C
325.20°F | 162.889°C
325.21°F | 162.894°C
325.22°F | 162.900°C
325.23°F | 162.906°C
325.24°F | 162.911°C
325.25°F | 162.917°C
325.26°F | 162.922°C
325.27°F | 162.928°C
325.28°F | 162.933°C
325.29°F | 162.939°C
325.30°F | 162.944°C
325.31°F | 162.950°C
325.32°F | 162.956°C
325.33°F | 162.961°C
325.34°F | 162.967°C
325.35°F | 162.972°C
325.36°F | 162.978°C
325.37°F | 162.983°C
325.38°F | 162.989°C
325.39°F | 162.994°C
325.40°F | 163.000°C
325.41°F | 163.006°C
325.42°F | 163.011°C
325.43°F | 163.017°C
325.44°F | 163.022°C
325.45°F | 163.028°C
325.46°F | 163.033°C
325.47°F | 163.039°C
325.48°F | 163.044°C
325.49°F | 163.050°C
325.50°F | 163.056°C
325.51°F | 163.061°C
325.52°F | 163.067°C
325.53°F | 163.072°C
325.54°F | 163.078°C
325.55°F | 163.083°C
325.56°F | 163.089°C
325.57°F | 163.094°C
325.58°F | 163.100°C
325.59°F | 163.106°C
325.60°F | 163.111°C
325.61°F | 163.117°C
325.62°F | 163.122°C
325.63°F | 163.128°C
325.64°F | 163.133°C
325.65°F | 163.139°C
325.66°F | 163.144°C
325.67°F | 163.150°C
325.68°F | 163.156°C
325.69°F | 163.161°C
325.70°F | 163.167°C
325.71°F | 163.172°C
325.72°F | 163.178°C
325.73°F | 163.183°C
325.74°F | 163.189°C
325.75°F | 163.194°C
325.76°F | 163.200°C
325.77°F | 163.206°C
325.78°F | 163.211°C
325.79°F | 163.217°C
325.80°F | 163.222°C
325.81°F | 163.228°C
325.82°F | 163.233°C
325.83°F | 163.239°C
325.84°F | 163.244°C
325.85°F | 163.250°C
325.86°F | 163.256°C
325.87°F | 163.261°C
325.88°F | 163.267°C
325.89°F | 163.272°C
325.90°F | 163.278°C
325.91°F | 163.283°C
325.92°F | 163.289°C
325.93°F | 163.294°C
325.94°F | 163.300°C
325.95°F | 163.306°C
325.96°F | 163.311°C
325.97°F | 163.317°C
325.98°F | 163.322°C
325.99°F | 163.328°C

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